About us


The establishment of Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) was a dual inspiration and motivation by Ssabasajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II and promoted by the Executive Committee of the Buganda Kingdom, headed by the Katikkiro. The basic preparatory work was carried out by the Buganda University Task Force (BUTF), which was inaugurated by Katikkiro of Buganda on 8th June 2004 and submitted its final report on 2nd December 2004. The BUTF’s report was followed up by the formation of MRU Implementation Committee, which was succeeded by the Interim University Council on 1st June 2005 to serve for one year, and subsequently, a fully fledged University Council inaugurated by the Chancellor. The National Council for Higher Education on 5th April 2005 Licensed Muteesa I Royal University to operate as a private University. The University opened its doors to the public on 01-10-2007. The Buganda Monarch is responsible for the establishment of many various academic institutions.

Name of The University

The University’s name is Muteesa I Royal University in recognition of a monarch of great vision, Kabaka Muteesa I of Buganda (1856-1884), whose invitation of Missionaries through a letter to Queen Victoria of England is generally regarded as the genesis of modern formal education in Uganda.

Physical Location

University Logo


 A leading University responding to contemporary challenges through teaching and learning, research and technical guidance.


To provide training, research and technical guidance responsive to social – economic needs


To put a premium on the promotion of a holistic and generative type of education, characterized by a dynamically diversified curriculum and an eclectic mode of tuition. In this connection, the most prized intellectual values are fostered and these include quality teaching and learning, research-mindedness, initiative and resourcefulness, as seen in the context of rapidly changing conditions of life and world of work. Equally valued is the promotion of personal effectiveness associated with a humanistic outlook that embodies a health sense of values, ethical sensitivity and appreciation of cultural diversity.


MRU is striving to become the best university of its kind nationally and regionally. The university’s philosophy, vision, mission and core values are key road-maps to the pursuance of its dream.


In pursuit of the Vision and Mission, the duty bearers of the University will at all times be guided and bound by the following core values.


Professionalism is a trait that’s highly valued in the human resource of any organization. It has many attributes, including:

Specialized knowledge
Honesty and integrity

Respect for Diversity

Buganda, which, for all intents and purposes, is the foundation institution of MRU is renowned for its longstanding respect for diversity. MRU therefore cherishes respect for diversity not only in deference to the longstanding traditions of Buganda but also to encourage as much value addition and assimilation as possible.

Cultural Sensitivity

MRU was founded and lives in a social context cultural recognition and respect. In order to achieve this MRU shall at all times be cherish cultural sensitivity


MRU was founded on the premise that it will live for a long time in the future. In order to meet the anticipated challenges in its path, a positive attitude is imperative. This for tenacity as a guiding value whenever necessary.

Team spirit

At MRU, it is recognized that in order to achieve its vision it goes without saying that different talents from different people will have to be marshaled together. The significance of this is that in order to move forward, synergies must be exploited and this calls for Team Work and in turn Team Spirit as an integral part of the value system.

University Anthem

1st Stanza

Muteesa I Royal University
What a treasure, oh what a treasure we have!
How we pride in you for your impact immense
On all the persons that go through your hands.


Hail Ssekabaka Muteesa the first
Who had such a vision for a greater Buganda,
Zealous for reform and for modernity,
Truly education has now been enhanced!

2nd Stanza
Muteesa I Royal University
A vision put in effect by Muteesa, the second,
And then consolidated by Mutebi, the second,
To make Buganda Kingdom greatly shine.

3rd Stanza
Muteesa I Royal University
Greater are horizons that we seek in thought and deed,
Always marching on, marching as if to war,
Prudently, decently, as we march on.


4th Stanza
Muteesa I Royal University
Humbly unto God we commit all our works
Help us to achieve all the goals that we set
For the advancement of our motherland.

Since 2007 the University Has Been Served By The Following Vice Chancellors

Prof Kakembo Vincent                          2019 – Date

Prof Kasule Umar A.M (Ag)                 

Prof. Sserwanga Arthur                        2014 – 2017

Prof. IMN Kigongo Bukenya  (Ag)     2012 – 2013

Prof. Semakula Elisha                           2009 – 2011

Prof Munaku Kama Nsareko             2007 – 2008