Dr. Nabakiibi Agnes

The Faculty of Education is a vibrant, and an important player in production   and further development of practicing teachers, particularly in the context of meeting and addressing the priorities of Uganda’s education needs. The key aim of the Faculty’s pre-service teacher education is to develop student teachers who teach effectively in order to facilitate learning in schools.

On the other hand, the Faculty also places a strong emphasis on upgrading the qualifications of under-qualified teachers under the in-service teacher education. In this way we build capacity and equip teachers in priority areas.

Both the pre-service and the in-service students will benefit from rich supervisory experience and research skills provided by well-trained and committed academic staff in the faculty

To all aspiring candidates, kindly be reminded that a major focus of the faculty is on strengthening pedagogical skills of the teacher. In this way we will be helping you to intelligently and productively analyze the educational challenges in a rapidly changing education demands in Uganda and globally.

In addition, the Faculty is committed to equipping you with the 21st Century leadership skills as a mechanism for the development of competent education professionals who are able to operate in diverse environments.


To produce teachers who are committed, and self-regulated to core values, norms, and ethics of the Profession


The mission of the faculty of Education is to provide an exercise of responsible judgment at the heart of professional activity and the actions of caring, competence, and commitment of teachers to help every learner reach his or her potential in a bid to provide quality education

Faculty Objectives

  1. To produce all round teachers that can effectively teach courses that are demand driven.
  2. To offer teachers training with unique knowledge and skills through offering entrepreneurial competencies at the highest level of professionalism.
  3. Promote research-oriented courses which will generate knowledge and innovation needed for sustainable development as well as dissemination of such information. “Our children cannot be effective in tomorrow’s world if trained in yesterday’s skills”. Tony Blair
  4. Prepare students in the skills of basic accounting, entrepreneurship, management, communication skills as the key basis for them to fit in the outside world.
  5. To train teachers who will promote community outreach projects that are designed to uplift the standards of the living, as a way of University contribution to national development and modernization.