Faculty of Science in Engineering, I.T,Industrial Art and Design

Dr. Bukenya Patrick

Dean Faculty of Science in Engineering, I.T, Industrial art and Design 

Dr Bukenya holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Master of Science in Civil Engineering the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and B.Sc. (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda. Dr Bukenya has taught postgraduate courses including Structural design of Retaining wall Structures, Structural Design of Foundation; undergraduate courses such as structural analysis, reinforced concrete design.

Dr Bukenya has published several articles in journals and in conference proceedings especially in the area structural health monitoring of structures. He is a reviewer of academic journals such as Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, Journal of Rock Mechanics etc. Dr Bukenya has also gained considerable experience as a postgraduate supervisor at both the Master’s and doctoral levels.

Message from the Dean


It is my pleasure to welcome all students to Muteesa I Royal University in general and specifically to the Faculty of Science in Engineering, Information Technology, Industrial Art, and Design. The Faculty’s major goal is for all students to successfully complete their studies within the allocated time and graduate with a qualification that fits their needs as well as those of society.

As a result, the Faculty hopes to instill abilities in students that will enable them to start their own businesses and establish themselves as community service providers.

The purpose of this prospectus is to give new and returning students an overview of the Faculty and the programs offered by the various departments.

The Faculty’s goal with this prospectus is to assist students in deciding the programs they want to pursue.

Students who are having difficulty selecting a course from the prospectus are urged to seek guidance from the department heads.

Although academic work should be a student’s primary priority, there are numerous other activities that students can participate in at university. Students are encouraged to participate in events given by various student groups during their free time.

I invite you to visit and /or browse our website www.mru.ac.ug to learn more about the wide range of our undergraduate programmes and to explore the faculty expertise and our exceptional facilities.

Again on behalf of the Faculty I extend a warm welcome to all students. We hope that your studies at MRU will be both stimulating and beneficial to you.