Office of International Relations


Mrs Juliet Kakembo

Mrs Juliet Kakembo is the Manager for the International Office at Muteesa I Royal University. She is a holder of a Masters in Development studies degree obtained at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Previously, Mrs Kakembo was International Administrative Officer, International Office of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Manager, Postgraduate Admission Department and Faculty Administrator, Academic Administration are other positions she held at the same institution.

She is very resourceful, given the vast experience in Academic Administration and coordination of the International Office functions.


Her vision for Muteesa I Royal University:

In order for Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) to achieve her strategic goals, there is need to identify strategic international educational initiatives that enrich her teaching and learning, research and innovation environment.

Objectives of the MRU International Office are:

To support and enable MRU to realise its vision, live up to its mission by offering a diverse range of life-changing educational experiences, which would serve to uphold MRU’s values

To serve as one of the catalysts through which the university can be able to achieve her strategic priorities and goals and assist in connecting her to international academic excellence, cutting edge research, teaching and learning innovation.

To become an instrument through which MRU can connect with the international higher education community, as part of enhancing its visibility and international profile.




International student services – We are here for you

International students can contact the International Office

The International Office is the welcome centre for all international students and visitors. It functions as the first port of call, as well as a virtual platform with all relevant information, including field trips and other activities of interest. The support begins with handling immigration formalities and extends to planning to stay in our community/university until the day of departure. This evolves directly into an intensive alumni contact.


Support and counselling for students from other countries are offered by the International Office. These range from guidance on formalities that would enable students to settle in a new environment to organizing social and cultural events for acclimatisation purposes.

At the beginning of every semester the International Office offers all international students.

International Office staff offer organizational counselling as well as individual advice in case of social or psychological problems. Information on study visas/permits, insurance, residence permits, financing and native language courses.

Study programmes and special courses

Muteesa I Royal University academic offerings for international students are wide-ranging. Students from abroad who want to do all or part of their studies in are free to choose from degree studies single semesters as free movers or as exchange students. In addition, the University can arrange short-term programs for visiting students from their international partners.

Buddy programme

The MRU buddy programme refers to volunteer Buddies (these are contact and support persons) to students from abroad. As part of the program, we organize orientation events at the start of each semester, provide guidance on formalities, organize events and arrange excursions. Social meetings around a garden table provide a congenial venue for sharing experiences.

Mentoring programme

One-on-one counselling is part of the inter-cultural mentoring program designed to help reduce the number of international student drop-outs. It offers intensive counselling and support, helps improve subject knowledge, language proficiency, fosters social integration and cultural exchanges. The mentoring program also includes introductory seminars, intercultural training, weekly classes and practice groups.


We have several special offers for refugees interested in studying at the Muteesa I Royal University. These services comprise introductory programs, everyday life support, English and Luganda language courses, cultural activities learning and various options for studying at our university. For detailed information, contact the extra mural/ student activities coordination office.




The remit of the International Office is to coordinate international relations, support incoming international students and researchers.

The office also plays a liaison role in the implementation of projects with international partners, in addition to continually expanding the international partner network. Advice and assistance to researchers and students planning to study abroad is provided as well.


coordinates all programs, counselling, and events for:

  • Incoming students and researchers from abroad
  • Outgoing students: MRU students interested in studying abroad
  • Refugees who want to study at the MRU
  • Everyone at the university, to support and enrich intercultural activities.
  • Handle the application process for incoming Exchange and Free mover students, including the immigration application. 

Building new partnerships and collaborations

The International Office liaises with the University community as well as with current and potential partners to develop and foster international collaborations. Our experienced team can advise you on the best forms of collaboration and suitable partner institutions, so that collaborations support the institutional strategic pillars of teaching and learning, research and innovation, and community and business engagement. The University maintains several relationships with foreign universities for research and teaching exchanges.

We want to produce graduates who are comfortable doing business in a globalised and international world. Working in foreign places, doing business in different languages, working with people from other cultures.

While you are here, we will expose you to as many international and cross-cultural experiences as possible. 

Creating a collaboration agreement with MRU may take a week, so contact us well in advance of any critical dates to ensure enough time for us to evaluate your request for all parties to prepare documentation.

Study abroad

A study abroad program does not only produce benefits that last a lifetime, it also shows a willingness to get out of a personal comfort zone. Studying abroad can boost career chances, while also conferring many new experiences, realizations, and discoveries. These include:

  • New or advanced language proficiencies
  • Insights into other ways of life and cultures
  • Questioning own life circumstances and habits
  • International networking opportunities
  • Expanding perspectives on subject knowledge and methods

Muteesa I Royal University is deeply interested in a top study experience for its students. That also means expanding our vision beyond our own borders.

Students looking for help in planning to study abroad are invited to contact the International Office:

Study Permit

Prospective students

International and exchange students are temporary residents in Uganda. So, it is important for you to learn about the procedures and documentation you need to enter and study in Uganda. You need a study or residence permit to study and or stay in Uganda. More information will be provided when you register formally at the Muteesa I Royal University.

For more information and contact: