The University hosted Dr. Patrick Chou on Friday at the Kirumba campus for a lecture on the importance of the Moringa plant and its products.
Dr. Chou is a professional Engineer and he indeed showed interest in our Engineering Department. He however has since devoted himself to promoting Moringa.
Taiwanese-American Dr. Chou told the audience comprised of students, local leaders from Masaka, and staff members that he puts emphasis on the use of Moringa for individual and domestic use since Commercial promotions at times disappoint those who rush into them and they end up abandoning the venture altogether.
He listed some of the benefits of Moringa as being a reliable anti-deoxidant, preventing constipation, reducing high blood [pressure, stabilising blood sugar levels thus anti-dote of diabetes among others.
As a ceremonial gesture, five moringa plants were planted near the graduation square. Dr. Chou and Soota Foundation in conjunction with the office of the Vice President want to have the University to be a crucial partner in the effort to roll out the initiative into the Ugandan community.
May I thank the Vice Chancellor, Ms Rose the Library Assistant, Ronnie and Isaac in the IT Department at Kirumba, the Guild President, Staff Members who postponed lectures, and the general students’ community for making this happen