Message from the VC


With open arms, I do welcome all fresh students to Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) and continuing
students returning for the academic year 2019/2020, First Semester. My sincere congratulations to all our fresh students on your success at A level and for choosing to study at MRU, the only Royal University within the country’s tertiary education landscape, as well as the entire East African region.

You are now part of the unique norms, values and etiquette cherished at MRU. Whereas MRU belongs to the Buganda Kingdom Ssaabasajja Kabaka, his generosity transcends the borders of the Kingdom, as borne out by the bursary scheme he makes available to all deserving fresh students in all district of Uganda. You are therefore most welcome to a space that values and cherishes diversity. This is one of MRU and Buganda’s age-old traditions. I would like to assure you of a competitive and quality teaching and learning environment that we are steadily improving at MRU.

As you will soon realise, the University study environment is highly liberalised, devoid of restrictions
you experienced at high school. Such freedom notwithstanding, you are strongly advised to observe a strong sense of focus on your studies and jealously look after your body. Do not allow your body to be misused by self-seekers. Steer clear of a wide range of temptations, which include gambling, excessive merry making, illicit drugs and consequent absenteeism from lectures. Building self-confidence is one
of the life skills that will be imparted to you by our experienced lecturers.
A degree programme is a much more involved process, which entails a lot more work than high school studies. Therefore, you will be expected to work very hard to achieve high levels of success that will


put you in good stead for an excellent career. Indeed, we are proud of the many MRU Alumni who occupy positions of responsibility in the private and public sector.

The community has high expectations of you, as a potential driver for change in their lives. Community engagement, as one of
the pillars MRU rests upon will, among other things, be part of your responsibility. You will be a proud
participant in internship programmes, which serve to strengthen this pillar and set MRU from other Universities in the country.

An orientation programme has been arranged for you between 05 and 07 August 2019. You are
advised to listen carefully to all motivational speakers and keenly follow hands-on ICT driven
demonstrations, which will guide your learning processes at the University. A writing Centre is one of the facilities at your disposal. This has been made available to transfer the much-needed writing skills to our fresh and continuing students. The facility will add tremendous value and provide a competitive edge to MRU outputs, as they prepare to join the world of work.

As for the continuing students, we shall work hand in hand with student leadership structures to
resolve issues that affect the student community. In order to achieve this, a strong relationship of mutual respect and support will have to be developed. To you as our most valued clients, we commit
to developing a student-centred conducive learning atmosphere, buttressed by e-learning platforms.
Mainstreaming ICT in teaching and learning processes at MRU, as well as ensuring quality assurance
in academic programmes and assessments are our key objectives.
I wish you all the very best for the academic year 2019/2020. Together, we shall strive to build MRU to reflect the aspirations of the visionary, Ssekabaka Muteesa I, after whom this great institution is

Vice Chancellor.