The goal of this programme is to produce competent educational managers and administrators with adequate knowledge, skills, and proficiency to meet the challenges the dynamic education system.

Graduates of this course will gain deep knowledge in the subject area in the field of education; appreciate the challenges of professional teaching and find solutions to the prevailing challenges; and obtain favourable dispositions that will enhance efficiency in management and administration of educational systems. The programme runs on: (a) semester basis consisting of four semesters, each lasting 15 weeks (for the full-time students), or (b) trimester basis whereby candidates’ study six trimesters (for the in-service students).

An applicant may be admitted upon fulfilling five basic criteria namely: scholastic achievement, good character, financial support, good intentions, and interests in harmony with the University’s mission and vision.

To be considered for admission, a candidate must fulfill the general Muteesa 1 Royal University entry requirements for a master’s degree. The student should have one of the following categories permissible for admission:

  1. Holders of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in education or related field
  2. Holder of a post graduate diploma in education or related field