The relevancy of a master of arts in Peace and Human Rights is built on the premise that peace building and conflict resolution is basis for sustainable human rights promotion and consequently this significantly contributes to the human development process. While there is a significant relationship between conflict and human rights violation, it is also true that in communities where there is peace and harmony, human development can be achieved faster leaving all the other factors constant.  The programme is offered on a two [2] year basis and on a semester basis. 

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, a candidate must fulfill the general Muteesa I Royal University entry requirements for a master’s degree. That is to say; one should have;

  • A postgraduate Diploma in Humanities or a related field from a recognized University or Institution;
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or any other degree with evidence of having taken relevant courses in either management, development or governance from a recognized University or Institution