Back Ground

Accounting practice is as old as mankind, but as a profession it is widely growing more in the Developed World than in the Developing World. Each and every organization and individual is involved in accounting and finance, whether consciously or unconsciously. In this information age, with its accruing globalization and localization challenges, combined with the instant information dissemination accelerated by the ever improving and low-priced information-communication technologies the otherwise long-standing and strong corporate image of any organization can crumble down instantly through a few minor mistakes. No serious organization, therefore, should risk leaving the accounting and finance to chance. This raises the need for accounting and finance professionals much more than it has ever been before.


The program aims at providing students with a high level of technical ability and knowledge specific to finance and accounting while equipping students with a range of skills necessary to succeed in today’s business environment. Core to this degree is the development of students’ understanding of the technical language and practices of accounting with focus on information technology and its application in business. The degree programme also sharpens communication and analytical skills enabling students to explore and evaluate contemporary accounting theory, analyse empirical evidence concerning financial management, risks, and the operation of global capital markets and demonstrate a sound understanding of the broader business environment. Students will also be able to demonstrate significant skills in preparing financial statements, performing analysis and delivering financial projections while making use of appropriate IT business applications to support financial analysis techniques and enhance reporting. The technical skills delivered in this degree are much sought after by industry and commerce, and the transferable skills are a valuable asset in almost any business environment


An Accounting and Finance degree gives a student a broad understanding of how business works, how important accounting and finance functions of any business are. The technical skills and competences delivered in this degree are much sought after by industry and commerce, and the transferable skills are a valuable asset in almost any business environment. The degree is designed to provide the student with a wide range of finance and accounting skills which shall enable the business world flourish with financial management skills

Program Requirements

The requirements for this program are mainly for those students who have Sat the U.C.E Examination (or equivalent) with at least five passes and obtained at least 2 advanced level passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E.) obtained at the same sitting. The Weighting System is as follows:

Examinations and assessments

The school favors a continuous system of assessment of the performance of the students based on course work, assignments and tests and; end of semester examinations


To qualify for any examination in any subject, a student: (a) ought to have attended at least 75% of the lecture hours stipulated and; (b) must have done course works and tests. Course works and tests compose 40% and final exam 60%. A student must obtain a minimum of 50% on all the required subjects before proceeding to the next academic year. A student who passes all of his/her exams shall be promoted to the next stage/year, upon the approval of the exams by the school board and endorsement by the University Senate.


A student who fails any subject in the first semester must retake the examination in the next intake in the same semester. Students will receive a grade of 50% (maximum) on their transcripts for any examination retaken.

Course Fees and Duration

Duration 3 years Tuition 630,000/= Function Fee 560,000/=

Programme Objective

  • To provide academic training for people interested in careers in accounting and finance.
  • To develop an understanding of the general issues and approaches to business and management and, the basic concepts underlying operations of the Ugandan economy.
  • To produce quality graduates who can apply fundamental and specialist knowledge to critically evaluate business and management issues and provides solutions.
  • To graduate students (who may offer taxation option) versed with tax planning, managing customs and excise duty, production of correct VAT returns and current assessments of tax liability and compliance with Uganda’s Income Tax Act.

Learning Outcomes.

At the end of the programme, students should be able to apply relevant knowledge, skills and exercise informed judgment in providing relevant information and advice to individuals and businesses, and be able to make decisions in accounting, finance and taxation.

Course Duration

The Degree in Accounting and Finance is a 3-year course, running two (2) semesters per year, making a total of six (6) semesters for the entire course period. A semester shall run for seventeen (17) weeks with fifteen (15) weeks for teaching and two (2) weeks for final end of semester examinations. The programme shall be a full time undertaking, evening program; and Weekend program for working professionals.
First Class 4.40 – 5.00
Second Class(Upper Division) 3.60 – 4.39
Second Class (Lower Division) 2.80 – 3.59
Pass 2.00 – 2.79
Fail Less than 2.0

Grade criteria for Assignment / Modular Scheme

Marks % Letter Grade Grade points
80-100 A+ 5.0
75-79 B+ 4.5
70-74 B 4.0
65-69 C+ 3.5
60-64 C 3.0
55-59 D+ 2.5
50-54 D 2.0
0-49 F 0.0