Renewables are now the mainstream option in the power sector in nearly all parts of the world. In 2018, over 90 countries had more than 1 GW of renewable power capacity installed, and 30 countries had more than 10 GW. Renewable power capacity grew 8% in 2018, led by wind energy and solar PV ( For the fourth straight year, more renewable power capacity was installed than fossil fuel and nuclear power combined, and renewables now account for over one third of global power capacity.

To achieve a sustainable energy transition, we need to connect between the generation of renewable energy and the different energy end-use sectors. Renewables and energy efficiency need to be linked to form two sustainable energy pillars. The focus of the research in this theme is to build capacity among lecturers and students to develop fundable research proposals and innovative solutions by way of:

  1. Establishing collaborative partnerships with commerce and industry develop entry points for renewables in different contexts.
  2. Collaborating with organizations from the transport sector to ensure that electric vehicles are powered by renewable electricity
  3. Creating opportunities for debate on renewable in cities, regional developments and global trends.