Short Course for Market Vendors

  1. Business skills Improvement
  2. Integrated Management Skills
  3. Introduction to Taxation and Computation
  4. English for Special Needs: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced
  5. Administrative law and Land law
  6. Mature Age Entry Exam for Admission to Degree programs.
  7. Practical Entrepreneurship Skills


The Short Course Program for Market Vendors (SCPMV) was introduced in 2015 as a way of imparting business skills to market vendors in various markets.Over 60 business personnel from St. Balikuddembe Market Kampala central have undergone business courses and graduated with us on the 6th Graduation Ceremony.

  • The program aims at addressing the needs of the market vendors in the area of technical knowledge on how to handle business in a formal manner. The Plausible area of concern among market vendors was to have skills in the book keeping tax management and to capitation, legal Issue in administration of human resource and land issues.
  • To pave a way forward to acquire degrees among the disadvantaged market vendors who never went through formal education system in Uganda at large