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Student Guild

We greet you in the name of the Almighty Lord, royally and humbly welcome you to the Royal Guild Community. The Students Guild Council is a link between the students’ body and the University Administration, headed by a Guild President H.E SSEKILYOWA DAVID  who is democratically elected by the students in accordance with the existing guild constitution. The Royal Guild Government is composed of the Cabinet and Guild Parliament. There are various Students Clubs and Associations based on social, cultural and academic interests. However, we also care for the spiritual beliefs of our students hence we do have various fellowships at our campus. The different associations include;

  1. Integrity Ambassadors Club
  2. Baganda Nkobazambogo Students’ Association
  3. Luganda Student Teachers’ Association
  4. Journalism Students’ Association - MUJSA
  5. Cultural and Development Foundation
  6. Eyeterekera Students’ Association
  7. Royal Muslims Community
  8. Royal Catholics Community
  9. Royal Anglicans Community
  10. Procurement Students’ Association
  11. Engineering Students’ Association
  12. Royal Scripture Union
  13. Royal Seventh Day Adventist Community
  14. Royal Debating Forum
  15. Basoga Nseete Students’ Association
  16. Royal I.T Club

There are also associations from the different regions in Uganda and Counties In Buganda.
We wish to assist the Royal students as they pursue Academic Excellence by providing to them a Healthy environment and sufficient refreshment. We wish to build the Talented Royal Community into an Experienced Group of Competitors in both sports and MDD.
As a new leaders, we promise to stand with those who stand for peace; we shall give dialogue to those who stand for dialogue; and outright resentment to those who resent us; we shall have no mercy for those who torture, oppress and harass the sons and daughters of the poor; and as matter of fact, we shall stand strong to affirm our position on all exploitative policies in this university
We will be for peace where peace prevails; for it is said “Metal is cut by metal”
Remember Africa does not need strong leaders but strong institutions. We are the leaders that will make MRU GUILD a strong institution

Below are the Council Daily Activities;

  • constituting and maintaining an organized, democratic and dynamic leadership for the benefit of the Royal Students.
  • Working with the University Administration on all matters affecting Guild members, and promote matters of interest to the University.
  • Providing Guidance to the Students’ body that will create a positive impact on each individual’s academic, spiritual and social lives, so as to nurture conscientious men and women with a mature outlook to life.
  • Ensuring enforce and encourage the good behavior of students both within and outside campus, so as to portray and maintain the good image of the University, and to achieve its motto.
  • Encouraging and promote ideals, policies and traditions of the Buganda Kingdom, which is the Foundation on which this University is based, while at the same time appreciating and respecting cultural diversity.
  • Creating and maintaining collaborative, resourceful linkages with other institutions of learning and other organizations at local, regional and international level.    Identifying and initiating relationships with the former students of the University so as to create fora   where the Alumni can interact and offer guidance to undergraduates, as well as to initiate projects which identify them with their Alma Meter.
  • Printing, publishing or causing to be published news papers, magazines  and pamphlets for the purpose of keeping the entire  University informed about Guild affairs.
  • Organizing sports events as well as cultural events, aimed at promoting the physical, social and cultural welfare of Guild members and cooperation among students from different ethnic communities.
  • Raising funds by way of accepting membership fees, gifts, donations, contributions and other modes of financing, for carrying out the objectives of the Guild.

As the student’s guild council, we wish to work hand in hand with the entire students body, administration and the entire nation for the betterment of MUTEESA 1 ROYAL UNIVERSITY.
For God And My Country As We Seek For Greater Horizon In Thoughts And Action.