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Baganda Nkobazambogo


Baganda Nkobazambogo students association is an association of Baganda and non Baganda students of the same interest with Buganda. Of now it is the leading tribal association in Uganda, consisting students from various primary, secondary and tertiary institutions country wide. It has been operating for over 21years. It’s legally known by the Buganda government as an association which promotes morals, unity and development among all students national wide. “The place to begin the building of Buganda is the discipline of the youth”. Said the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. It brings youth together, promotes culture and more so protects the KABAKA and the kingdom at large but in all its works discipline comes first. It operates under the ministry of Youth and employment in Buganda government.


The mission of Baganda nkobazambogo is "to build a critical mass" ( akayinja). Kitegeeza okuzimba Buganda enzukufu, etalimbibwalimbibwa, erimu abantu afiira ku kabaka wabwe mu buli mbeera, abavumu, abakozi era abatekuluntaza,era abeekubiriza okukola ebyo ebizimba Buganda era ab'emizi ku nsonga zaabwe. Olwo tusobole okuzaawo federo, mile 9,000, enimaeyomulembe, eby'enfuna ebirungi, eby'obulamu.

Objectives of the Baganda Nkobazambogo Student’s Association

 The objects for which this association is formed are:-

  • To disseminate and consolidate our Culture and Norms.
  • To unite all members and beneficiaries as of right of the Association as herein under categorized.
  • To promote mutual understanding among Baganda students and all students of other tribes, nationalities and races.
  • To participate in any activities intended to raise the welfare and standard of its members.
  • To Endeavour to raise and carry the banner of development far and wide by sensitizing parents and the young generation about the value of education and the evils of disease, ignorance and poverty.  By doing so, the association shall encourage the attitude towards progress in light of our changing circumstances.
    This shall be done through visits to schools, organization seminars and other cultural functions.
  • To defend and protect interests of its members.
  • To work in close solidarity with other organizations in the Universities, Institutions/ Schools within and outside it, and to cooperate with individuals of all nationalities and background in search for improved human understanding provided that such cooperation does not contravene the principles of the Association or any of the objectives.
  • To watch very carefully, the progress of human thoughts and actions and to maintain an independent critical attitude towards it and communicate this attitude or opinion to the world through mass media or any possible means hence offering critical help in the creation and shaping of a new international order of peace and justice and social equity.

For more information about Baganda Nkobazambogo Student’s Association follow this link