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Medical Access


Lisa Medical Center’s basic mission is to provide the highest quality medical services, by responsibly anticipating the needs of our community and applying exemplary; physical, emotional and spiritual care for our clients and their families.
The centre provides both general and specialised care, using two approaches; facility based and community outreaches.  As part of its expansion, it has successfully integrated several Schools, Universities and other higher institutions of learning including; Muteesa I Royal University, Kampala University, Buganda Royal Institute and a chain of secondary school.
Since 2004, LMS has seen tremendous growth and continues to set the pace as a market leader for education-based healthcare.

Quality Health care

Lisa Medical Centre has the accreditation and partnership with international healthcare service providers including; AAR, ICEA and Mariestopes, hence ensuring that all the processes in the centre, both operational and procedural, maintains the highest standards of practice and partnership. We ensure that all personnel and materials are appropriately licensed and legitimately procured to ensure that members can rest assured that their health and wellbeing is indeed our priority.


Today Lisa Medical centre manages seven healthy centres in Uganda, all providing preventive and curative healthcare to clients in all income brackets.
With a current membership of more than 120,000 students and staff (both academic and non-academic), LMC leads the way in the provision of private healthcare to the education institution. We offer preventive, curative and emergency medical care-all included in the membership fee. This relieves the burden on education administrators of managing the escalating costs associated with fee-for-service medical treatment, while giving peace of mind that they have comprehensive medical care.
How the Program works…….. (HMP)
Lisa Medical Center began offering services to individuals on a pre-paid basis ten years ago, eventually leading to the development of a Health Maintenance Program (HMP)
Health care costs have risen more rapidly than the general economic growth and continue to do so, with the consequence that Medicare and Medicaid constitute an increasing economic burden in the education framework especially those related to the under privileged students.
Recent research has found that the under privileged children are often academically brighter than their counterparts while their health trends since they are previously uninsured, especially those with chronic health problems, improves once they enter the Medicare program.
In Uganda, it has been reported that the number of physicians accepting Medicaid has decreased in recent years due to lower reimbursement rates for most insurance programs hence making the program less popular. Lisa Medical center therefore offers a Health Maintenance Program rather than a health insurance program.
Health benefits are provided to current student members, but the Alumni and their dependants are not part of this program. The HMP consists of a direct care network of treatment facilities and in some cases established treatment centers at schools.

These risk pools allow students with pre-existing conditions such as, heart disease diabetes, cancer or other chronic illnesses to be able to enjoy their education without fear of being without health care benefits. It will be easier for people with pre-existing conditions to afford regular insurance, since all insurers will be fully prohibited from discriminating against or charging higher rates for any individuals based on pre-existing medical conditions.

The Students are free to visit any of our Medical Center branches at any time.

When handling students, the University will use the medical information on these applications. Sometimes they will request additional information from an applicant's physician or ask the applicants for clarification.

This HMP typically includes:
•    A set of selected illnesses that furnish a comprehensive array of health care services to enrollees.
•    Explicit standards for creating health awareness and carrier guidance workshops
•    Formal utilization review and quality improvement programs; free circumcision, HIV testing, HCG and counseling, etc.
•    An emphasis on preventive care; with special regard to primary health care
•    Financial incentives to encourage enrollees to use care efficiently by subsidizing rates.
•    Free medical treatment for an greed number of program manager/staffs.
•    Free medical escort / presence at all functions / student gatherings where first aid will be required
The treatable diseases include the following;
•    Malaria
•    Typhoid
•    Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
•    Flu & colds
•    Ulcers
•    Teeth infections like mouth ulcers, decays
•    Cramps / Menstrual pains
•    Eyes infections like Conjunctivitis, Watering eyes & Red eyes
•    General body pains
•    Skin diseases
•    Asthma
•    Fungal infections like Candidiasis
•    Sickle cells
•    Helminthiasis
•    Wounds/ Cuts
•    Headaches like Tension, Migraines  
•    Stress

Description of the methodology and procedure

Each student or staff will be issued with a Lisa Medical Center’s Health Card which is received after a thorough Student’s verification or appointment letter, for the case of a staff member. This card is for identification purposes and also greatly minimizes chances of fraud.
All students who have successfully paid the medical fees as streamlined on the University/school accounts requirements will immediately qualify for a medical card.

LMC will forward all invoices   to the University / on a monthly basis, with complete documentation of all records of cases and procedure handled that month. Lisa Medical Centre, however, will not issue receipts, until payment is received.

The University will endeavor to pay Lisa Medical Centre directly the agreed amount of 10,000/- per student, within the stipulated credit period of 30 days, but in any case not later than 45 days after receipt by the University. The claims should be for services rendered from the beginning to the end of each calendar month and must be submitted by the 5th of the next month.  

Procedure of Operation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Two prior meeting to the commencement of the project will be hold with the university management and students guild of Muteesa I Royal University. The purpose of the meeting will be to enlighten on the benefits and procedures of starting a medical centre in the University.
The guild office will organize a general sensitization assembly where officials from Lisa Medical will address issues raised from the students body relating to the new medical care opportunity.
Lisa Medical Centre will accredit the university clinic to provide quality service to Muteesa I Royal University community.
LMC shall establish a self-monitoring and evaluation reporting system. The record system will include an activity plan and details of clients’ procedures that will later be forwarded to Muteesa I Royal University on a monthly basis.