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The philosophy of the Food Services is to serve promptly, graciously a variety of culturally acceptance food in an attractive, pleasant atmosphere. The food service follows the Muteesa I Royal University concepts on health which stresses a diet that excludes the use of strong spices. This type of diet has been scientifically proven healthful and beneficial. The University Cafeteria charges for meals on a flat rate plan, which allows for the normal three meals per day in the basic boarding to the last day of final examination each semester. Students remaining during vacation periods are charged a daily boarding fee. A meal schedule shall be posted in the cafeteria for the students’ information


  • Non-resident students may take arrangements with the Bursar’s Office if they wish to take meals in the University Cafeteria Only Persons with these arrangements are permitted to have meals in the cafeteria. To contravene this rule is a serious offense which will lead to a financial disciplinary action.
  • There will be no refund for meals not eaten
  • Taking food and/or drinks outside the University Cafeteria is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  • Food for a sick student may be taken out by written request from the residence Deans or their appointees to the management of food service
  • The kitchen is out of bounds for students who do not work there. Non-boarding students or visitors who obtain free meals without authorization from the University Administration will be fined the whole semester cost for Boarding
  • For official weekend outings, packed lunches may be available provided notice is given at a reasonable time.
  • Visitors may pay at the University Cafeteria at the time they take meals
  • Students are required to produce identification (meal cards) automatically without the checker’s request each time they report for meals
  • All those who have meals are supposed to be presentable in dress. No one will be allowed in the Cafeteria without shoes on
  • Those eating in the University Cafeteria are expected to take their dishes to the Collection window after finishing a meal.


In case a student cannot have meals in the dining room owing to illness he/she shall obtain permission from the University Doctor/Medical Officer to have his/her meal brought to his/her room. His/her roommates and the Ministers of Health and Domestic affairs shall arrange for his/her meals to be brought to his/her room and they shall ensure that all crockery is returned to the kitchen. The Minister of Health, Hall Chairperson and the roommates of any seriously sick student must inform the Warden, Nurse on Duty and the Dean of students. Treatment in the Halls of residence by the University Medical Staff or any other medical practitioner is prohibited, save in critical cases.