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Computer Labs & Internet

Department of IT Support Services
The Department of ICT Support Services was set up as a central ICT service unit that provides expert ICT services and guidance to all students and staff at large
The broad aims and objectives of the department is to develop and maintain the technical infrastructure of the faculty, to support the delivery of digital systems and services to both the staff and student domains to support teaching and Learning. We mention some of the ICT services provided by the university and the college.
1. Email Services
We provide and supports email services to the university community. Once you have completed the enrolment formalities, you will be able to obtain your university email address
3. Internet Services
•    The Factuality currently has over 100 computers distributed in 2 computer rooms. These labs are open for students use. Please note that the labs may be scheduled for other activities. Confirm with the lab attendants for availability.
•    The Factuality also provides wireless access for all students that have laptop for details on how to access the  wireless
•    Wireless hotspots - Using a laptop, PC and hand held devices such as a mobile phone with an internet wireless card or Wi-Fi functionalities, students can access the internet via the wireless hotpots (MRU) that are located  Around Lisa medical clinic in  the university and student centric locations such , Main Library, Main Hall and Administration block
•    Internet Kiosks - Students can get access to the internet from the Internet Kiosk locate Faculty of Education Library; Student Websites - Students can create their personal website where they can upload their web site