Department of Oral Documentation & Research

The Oral Documentation Centre (O.D.C), is a functioning Research Based Department in the Faculty of Education. The centre became operational in 2014 aiming at making MRU a one stop hub for historical-cultural concerns in Africa and beyond, set up a state of the art museum, to act as a collection centre for artefacts that illustrates the rich historical and cultural living heritage of Africa, accessible to both our students and the public. Establish and operate a state of the art multimedia centre for filming, radio and television production, for recording, programming and editing purposes. Create a medicinal Herbal Research Centre for the preservation of traditional African medicines. Equip both our students and the public with skills in oral research in the disciplines of medicinal herbs, ecology, anthropology and African history.


To stimulate a centre of excellence in historical and cultural facets within Africa and beyond for self-sufficiency and innovation through oral research in order to enhance sustainable development through appreciating and promoting African Heritage.


Encourage and promote preservation of African cultural heritage through cultivating and sustaining the advancement of scholarly and historical-cultural research. Collect, preserve and disseminate historical-cultural information as well as providing access to records, artefacts that illustrate the rich historical-cultural heritage of Africa and beyond.

Mahajubu Abudul
Head of Dept. (M.A. Hist)