Department of Humanities


Humanities department remains as one of the leading departments in the Faculty of Education as it plays a significant role at all levels of the education of Muteesa I University.We enjoy many inter-disciplinary links within the Faculty of Education and entire the University, including strong collaborative relationships with various Educational institutions in Kampala and nationally.

Academic Programmes

The Department is home to the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Arts with Education (secondary Education)
  2. Diploma in Arts Education (secondary Education)
  3. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Education (secondary Education)
  4. Bachelor of Information and computer Technology in Education

The Department comprises of 20 full time lecturers and 5 adjunct lecturers, who specialize in various concentrations such as Religious studies, History, Economics, Geography, mathematics Disciplines.
The department is committed to the integration and advancement of both in its inquiry into the Daily dimensions of human life. It also provides the context in studying multiple relationships between humanities and contemporary philosophies, religions and cultures. These diverse aims are ultimately in the service of reading about, writing about, thinking about and otherwise engaging the students. We are looking forward to new terrains of Education and multidisciplinary studies as a department.

Head of Department
Sekiswa Peter