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Department of Foundations & Professional Studies

Welcome to the department of Foundations and Professional Studies. The department offers a variety of courses intended to make an individual a professional and competent teacher. In this regard the department offers courses that have been tuned to the goals and objectives of the department, the university and the country’s educational needs.

Among these are the following; Educational Research, Educational Psychology, Guidance & Counseling, and Curriculum Studies. In addition to Sociology of Education, Philosophical foundations of education, Educational Management & Administration, Professional Ethics and Educational Measurements & Evaluation .Others are; Communication Skills and the History & Cultural Heritage  of Uganda

Department Objectives

  • To produce all round Diploma and Graduate professional teachers for secondary and Primary Schools.
  • To meet specialized educational demands of the diverse socio, political and cultural context.
  • To promote research and Professional development of various teachers through seminars, workshops, conferences, short courses and in-service training.

At the successful completion of your course, the department shall have not only imparted to you both the Pedagogical skills and Research skills but also skills Counseling and Knowing and living with others.

Adolf Ntege

Head of Department