University Anthem

Muteesa I Royal University
What a treasure, oh what a treasure we have!
How we pride in you for your impact immense
On all the persons that go through your hands.


Hail Ssekabaka Muteesa the first
Who had such a vision for a greater Buganda,
Zealous for reform and for modernity,
Truly education has now been enhanced!
Muteesa I Royal University
A vision put in effect by Muteesa, the second,
And then consolidated by Mutebi, the second,
To make Buganda Kingdom greatly shine.


Muteesa I Royal University
Greater are horizons that we seek in thought and deed,
Always marching on, marching as if to war,
Prudently, decently, as we march on.


Muteesa I Royal University
Humbly unto God we commit all our works
Help us to achieve all the goals that we set
For the advancement of our motherland.